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Reactive Rover

Does your dog whine, bark, or lunge on leash around other dogs?




In these private classes, we will systematically change your dog’s reaction to being around things that upset them when on leash.




Turn your walks into the enjoyable experience you’ve always wanted them to be!

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Reactive-Rover class

Reactive Rover I: This class consists of preliminary email discussion and written material followed by two sessions: a 1 hour live on-line service and a half hour private session in the Woodland Park area of Seattle with your dog and our instructor’s dog. At the first meeting you’ll receive instruction and practice to begin building the skills for use outside. At the second meeting we’ll work outside using a non-reactive stimulus dog or other environmental triggers. The second session is arranged with the instructor within two weeks of the first session. Available for those who can travel to Seattle and for dogs reactive to other dogs.  If you live outside of Seattle, or if your dog is aggressive to humans, please see our dog behavior consultations. 




Reactive Rover II: This is a package of four private follow-up sessions (spread over no more than 8 weeks) where we work outside in the Woodland Park area of Seattle to continue changing your dog’s emotional response and teach a new behavior. Each session is a half hour, and sessions are held near the Greenlake Loop Trail or other safe outdoor locations on Sunday afternoons.  We choose a specific location that’s right for your dog where we can work at the right level to keep your dog below the threshold of reactivity, whether this is a long distance from triggers or close up. Prerequisite: Reactive Rover 2 requires completion of Reactive Rover 1 or a private consultation with Companion Animal Solutions for leash reactivity.  If you’ve done similar work with another trainer, we require a one hour private training session prior to Reactive Rover II. Please fill out our secure intake form if you would like to start with Reactive Rover II after working with another trainer on leash reactivity.




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Reactive Rover I Cost: $225. Class Location:The first meeting is a live on-line video meeting.  The second meeting is near Woodland Park/Zoo or other safe outdoor location.




Reactive Rover II Cost: $300. Class Location: Near the Woodland Park/Zoo or other safe outdoor location in Seattle.




Visit our blog behind the behavior

visit our blog behind the behavior


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