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The CAS philosophy is as simple as it is revolutionary. We combine state-of-the-art science on animal behavior with with an absolute commitment to humane and compassionate methods. We will never use or recommend the use of force, fear or pain.


We’re proud that our approach meets and exceeds the professional recommendations of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, the Animal Behavior Society, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), and the International Forum of Applied Animal Behavior.


We’re prouder still of how our clients are helped by this philosophy.


See below for some of our client success stories


Our Services


“I have been very impressed by the professionals at Companion Animal Solutions. During our first phone conversation they helped me assess my situation with my dog, gave me suggestions on how I could improve the situation, and outlined the scope of their services without pressuring me to “sign up.” Several months later, I decided to hire them and was pleased to discover that they had made notes from our earlier, initial phone call, so I didn’t have to start all over. The in-home visit was extremely beneficial. Suzi explained the difference between training and behavior modification. She helped my identify my dog’s distress signals. Then she demonstrated, and we practiced some techniques. She provided a very useful packet of resources and then followed up with a course of action specific to my pet and my situation. I couldn’t be more pleased with Suzi and Companion Animal Solutions.” A.K. – Seattle


“I highly recommend Companion Animal Solutions! The Positive Reinforcement methods used are right on point. Couldn’t ask for anyone more knowledgeable about animal behavior, ability to identify the problem and techniques to solve them!! Great company, great trainers!” K.R. – Bothell


“Skill with pets, love of the animals, and a true desire to see everyone involved become a family. That’s what Companion Animal Solutions brings to their customers. You couldn’t pick a better source of animal-human training.” P.K. – West Seattle


Dog Fear Aggression


“We have had such a great experience with Peggy and Companion Animal Solutions with our fear reactive dog. Our pup has gone from barking and lunging at every person on walks and barking the entire time someone was in our home to happily running up to people to get treats and calming down within 5 minutes of someone entering our home. Peggy’s detailed training plan and support made working with Bigby to alleviate many of his fears possible. We took Bigby to Target with us the other day and he calmly sat in the kid’s seat in the shopping cart with people walking past him. He even let someone in an ice cream shop pet him on the head. None of this would have been remotely possible a year ago and we could not have come this far without the help of Companion Animal Solutions. They even recommended our wonderful vet to us who are totally on board with positive reinforcement training. Training a dog is a lot of work and nothing happens quickly, but the help and support Peggy gave us was invaluable and we’ve made so much more progress than we ever thought possible. We really can’t thank you guys enough for helping us help Bigby become a calm and relaxed pup who now sees people are treat-giving friends rather than something to be feared.” P.G. – Redmond


“We have American Eskimo that we got from a rescue …   She loves my husband but she would bite me. We hired a dog trainer who told us it was about dominance and that Lucy didn’t respect me as a pack leader. Long story short things got worse. I ended up at the ER because Lucy bit me after I tried one of the techniques this trainer showed me. We decided we needed go in a different direction.  Suzi came to our home and spent a couple of hours evaluating Lucy. She introduced us to exercises for us to work with Lucy (basically retraining her brain). … The things she has suggested and showed us … have worked . We have been able to make amazing progress in a much shorter time than we expected. Suzi and CAS was less expensive and far more effective than the other trainer we worked with.  I have been extremely happy with how this has worked for us. I have no hesitations in recommending Suzi and Companion Animal Solutions.” L.C


“Hobbes is doing wonderfully well these days.  The behavioral issues are managed, and his ‘outbursts’ are uncommon and are predictable.  We have found that he responds aggressively to things that touch or itch him when he doesn’t expect it.  I think we have all of our issues under control.  We understand we have a difficult dog, but we also see his loving, playful side, and we are happy he is part of our family. Thank you very much for helping us with him, Dr. Beal.  It has made all the difference.”  R.R. -Tacoma


“Working with Suzi Moore was a blessing and her solutions work. It’s so amazing to be able to effectively communicate with your anxious dog and see positive results almost overnight.” M.W. – Seattle


“Thank you so much for sending Eric to us!  He is amazing!  Sadie Starship loved him almost from the start.  Eric is so knowledgeable, he had a solution for everyone of our problems.  He gave us ideas for training treats and also told us what toys to use to help!  We really enjoy his sense of humor too!  Thank You, Thank You,  Thank You!!!” K.S. – Mercer Island


Dog Territorial Aggression


“Thank you so much for all of your help! You gave us so many tools that we have already implemented and we have been seeing a difference in Bear already. We will follow-up each week to let you know how things are going and/or if we have any questions or have hit any roadblocks. …thank you again! ” C.B. – Seattle


Cat Aggression


“I want to express my gratitude to Companion Animal Solutions and to Ruth.  My two cats starting having some issues getting along back in April. After trips to the vet to check for health issues, separating the cats and finally feeling hopeless, I contacted Companion Animal Solutions and was put into Ruth’s great hands. After and in-home visit and a great talk, I soon afterwards started clicker training my cats.  Later, I set up 2 Wyze cameras so I can see what my cats do during the day (SLEEP!). Ruth was always available with insight and help. It’s now been almost   two months without having an incident of any kind – just normal cat behavior. I cannot tell you how much it means to have had these services available. Thanks so much for everything!”  B.N. – Seattle


“I’m so excited to tell you that DotDot has been 40 days without a biting incident! She now regularly socializes with me and my friends. …she has so much returned to her former self, and is even cuddlier than before! Thank you so much for bringing DotDot back to me!” S.R.


“Great news! The kitties seem back to normal. We ended up not separating them yesterday because they both seemed so happy to see each other and be back on a normal routine. There hasn’t been a single hint of an incident, and they both seem like themselves for the first time this week. We’ve been using the click training and the T-touch– both of those things seem to be working with them. They curled up together last night on our bed and spent the night there between us. Thank you so much for helping us get over the hump and get our ‘family’ back to normal! We really enjoyed meeting you, and will definitely be in touch as we negotiate the baby introduction. L.P. – Seattle


Dog On Leash Aggression and Reactivity


“We had a great experience working with Peggy at Animal Companion Solutions. Before we worked with Peggy, we were having difficulties training our very reactive and fearful Aussie. After an in home consultation, 4 one-on-one’s, and consistent training by my husband and I, our pup has finally become a much more relaxed and happy dog! Peggy was very helpful and worked with us closely to figure out what exactly was setting him off and not only made us more aware of his body language but helped us figure out how to train him to make him feel safe when he was scared. I highly recommend Companion Animal Solutions to anyone who feels like they need help with training, especially for reactive dogs!” K.C. – Mukilteo


“Eric, I wanted to thank you for yesterday!  We’ve had the most pleasant walks yet since you helped us!!” E.O. – Seattle


“Hey Ruth – I just want to thank you once again for the help you gave us and for sharing your knowledge of dog behavior.  Your presentation in class was clear, the handouts you sent are very “user-friendly” and the hands-on session was useful.  Neighborhood walks are more pleasant – Dani now turns towards me almost every time she sees another dog.” R.C. – Seattle


“We just did a clicker training walk with Ozzie at Green Lake. He did so well and had only one bark / lunge at his archnemesis, the skateboard, from afar.  A woman approached us and told us we were doing a great job – she happened to be a dog trainer.  Our walk earlier this afternoon was very helpful for training the humans on what to do!”  A.K. – Seattle


“Hi Peggy!  I just wanted to tell you how much of a difference I have seen in Watson already. We saw a big yellow lab last night that lives across the street he usually barks at. Last night, I clicked and his head FLEW around. He kept looking and I kept clicking-treating. He looked in that direction even after the dog was out of sight – I think he gets the game. Not only was it less stressful for me, Watson seemed to be much more at ease too. Usually when he sees a dog, he tries to follow it and does not want to head home but last night he was totally fine leaving the other dog behind. No anxiety at walking away from a potential friend haha. Thank you so much for your help… I will be sending people your way for sure! ”  K. L.


“Eric, it was great to meet you yesterday! I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance. I look forward to our next sessions! Also, a huge thank you to your wife for bringing your dogs, I really appreciated that and it was very helpful for me to see Leo in that setting.” A.T. – Redmond


“Ruth, you are a gift. We are having such a better time with all the dogs. Lincoln and Echo love the training and are responding well. Yesterday we went to a neighborhood ‘dog show’ put on by a couple of 12 year olds. We wanted to see if they could socialize with the other 7 dogs. After some initial expected barking, even Echo settled down. (Lincoln won the show.) Our dog sitter is into the training routine and will follow up while we are gone. Thank you again so much.” N.L – Seattle


“In February I signed up with Companion Animal Solutions.I have a soon to be five year old male lab who was reacting on the leash. Eric came out to our first meeting.  It was such an informational meeting.  He had a folder with several methods of approaches to animal behavior most of which I had never heard about.  He explained all the methods very carefully while observing Max (who was busy with a dog chew Eric had given him). Our session lasted over 3 hours. We did a outdoor exercise session to include a fetching session and the use of a flirt pole which I found very interesting.  Eric carefully explained the value of enriching your dog’s environment and  of exercise daily  to include  30 minutes of running till he was panting. Also the value of a 20 minute chew session.  For the next 3 months I worked and am working on all the various techniques.  I am learning that it is very important that Max totally gets the skill we are working on and to take time with each skill.  My overall feeling with the program is that it is excellent.  I love how there is such an importance placed on the bonding and the enriching of the dogs environment.  I think Max is doing better.  The daily exercise has helped him calm down.  The suggested reading were invaluable.There is a lot to the program to digest but I know it is going to be worth the effort. Give it a try.  You won’t regret it.”  J.L. – Arlington


Veterinary Behavior and Behavioral Medication


“A dog training client of mine and i worked with Dr. Micaela Young to help with a meds evaluation and behavior modification plan for ‘stranger danger’ feelings in the dog. We were all quite impressed with her warm thoughtful approach and feel like we are in very capable hands. Dr. Young uses all positive, science based training principles, which in my opinion are a must with any dog, and especially with a dog who is experiencing fearfulness and stress in situations where he- through no fault of his own, having missed out on critical early socialization opportunities- is worried about. We are all looking forward to helping this little rescue guy be the best he can be.”  P.B. – Seattle



Cat Litter Box Issues



I can’t thank Suzi and the Companion Animal Solutions team enough for their empathy support, and canny problem-solving ability. Our beloved Mature cat, Artie, suddenly began missing the litter box. After consulting with our vet, we knew the problem wasn’t physical, but clearly something was up. Our vet recommended reaching out to the Companion Animal Solutions team, to see if they could help diagnose the issue, and put together a plan to address things. Both did they ever! Suzi did a lot of listening, taking in Artie’s unique situation, environment and behavior. She was able to help us better understand some of the stress that triggered Artie, as well as some underlying challenges related to boredom that were impacting her response to seemingly mild events (many of which were, understandably, caused by our toddler.) Suzi also put together a comprehensive plan of attack, and was able to evolve it on the fly based on Arti’s response to new stimuli and changes. After a few weeks of working with Suzi, we are happy to report that not only is Artie litter box perfect again, but she is also a happier, more relaxed cat. She is more playful and affectionate than she’s been in a while, too, which is a delight for all of us. Thank you Suzi and Companion Animal Solutions!


Puppy Head Start

“I was a bit out of my comfort zone when I adopted my first large breed, high energy puppy! Actually, that’s an understatement. It was more of a “what have I done!” kind of thing. Addressing her biting, chewing, and jumping behaviors was a lot different and more urgent than with the small dogs I was used to. I wanted to be sure I was addressing all of my puppy’s needs in a proper and positive way. Peggy came to my home, evaluated my setting and my puppy, and left me with the knowledge, resources, and confidence I needed to raise a beautifully trained dog.” K.K. – Redmond


“I am quite proud to say that we have made some substantial progress in the house training.  All improvement is thanks to you and your clear instructions.  Thank you so much.” – M.L. – Seattle


“Hi Ruth, I want to thank you again for doing such a great job teaching me and my children how to start training Max a better way. I was so impressed by the adjustments he made and how well he responded to positive reinforcement. I didn’t grow up that way, neither did my husband so being creatures of habit, we have always resorted to negative focus, disciplining and correcting “bad behavior” more than reinforcing positive ones. Seeing how important that this is for Max and ourselves has given me a confidence that I didn’t have before in training him. It’s less stressful!” – K.K. – Woodinville


“I contacted Companion Animal Solutions for support when we brought home our 9 week old puppy.  Although I grew up with family dogs, raising a puppy was unchartered territory.  Through ‘Puppy Head Start’ training sessions, I gained an invaluable understanding of our puppy’s needs and behaviors during his critical socialization period.  When we first met Ruth, our puppy was timid and afraid to approach people who visited our home.  Ruth provided me with the right dose of insight, strategies and encouragement so that I could help our puppy develop confidence in meeting his new world.  She worked with us over the course of a few weeks getting us on the right path for puppy behavior development using only positive reinforcement techniques.  As we continue to build the foundation for a longstanding relationship with our puppy, the early training and socialization guidance we received from Ruth remains successful and inspiring.   We are now enjoying the compliments we receive on his social skills, manners and temperament.   Thanks again, Ruth!” – K.P. – Seattle


Dog-Dog Aggression


“We had a very good experience with Companion Animal Solutions. We learned a lot of valuable information and look forward to working with them more in the future.” M.H. – Tacoma


Separation Anxiety


“I would highly recommend Companion Animal (Solutions). From the first call to house visit and follow ups hey have been great. My dog Chance has been dealing with separation anxiety for quite some time. I couldn’t even go to garbage without him howling and neighbors complaining in our complex. After working with Peggy and using her useful tips and recommended training plan, my dog now stays home 8-10 hours by himself without howling or barking. I have so much less stress thanks to Peggy. I am very impressed by the work they do to help us owners and pets live happier healthier life. N.B – Edmonds


Generalized Anxiety/Reactivity/Noise Phobia


“I highly recommend Companion Animal Solutions! My dog Tagg has numerous behavior issues, but during our very first meeting with Suzi Moore he made remarkable improvement. The methods she used were not at all what I was expecting, but were exactly what Tagg needed. Suzi is amazing! She is incredibly knowledgeable and I can tell she truly cares about the pets she helps. She responds immediately to any questions I have and gives very detailed answers and next steps. I am so thankful that I found Companion Animal Solutions!” D.R – Issaquah


“Thanks so much for meeting with us yesterday. We love our dog and felt like there was hope for better behavior through managing his anxieties. You were so helpful and clearly good at what you do. We are looking forward to working with you more.” M.J. – Redmond


“Our dog Bane is nothing like any dog I’ve ever had, his anxiety and over all idiosyncrasies have become a constant struggle for us. We reached out to Suzi Moore for help and guidance in order to understand our pup better.
Suzi has been wonderful and nearly therapeutic for us and Bane. She Is not only helping us understand Bane better but also formulating a plan for us to be better for him. I know our case is very complex and we have a long journey ahead of us but having Suzi there to guide use and work with us as a unit is nothing shy of amazing relief for our little family.” R.C. – Federal Way


“Suzi worked with my family to help us learn different techniques to use with our Cocker Spaniel to greet people without fear also how to calm her down with soothing touch also called TTouch. We highly recommend Companion Animal Solutions because their teaching is all based on positive reinforcement.” S.C. – Enumclaw


“Working with Eric Sueltenfuss has been incredibly helpful in dealing with our noise-phobic puppy. Eric has helped us develop both day-to-day strategies for dealing with her noise issues as well as long-term goals. He is amazing with our puppy, so observant and empathetic. He really has helped us recognize signs of stress in her behavior as well as signs of improvement. And everyone at Companion Animal Solutions has been very responsive to our questions and requests for assistance.” C.W. – Seattle


Dog Training


“Companion Animal Solutions helped me get off on the right foot, and stay on the right path, with both of my rescued pups. I’ve done in home consults for behavior issues as well as training classes for manners and for fun. (Fungility is awesome!) I learned to train my dogs using positive reinforcement techniques that apply each time I want to encourage desirable behavior or teach a new trick. CAS has given me all the tools and support I need to raise and train two beautifully behaved dogs!” K.K. – Redmond


“Ruth was a huge help with a very anxious deaf foster dog.  T-Bone was very focused on his foster mom’s hands – understandable since they were the source of food rewards and the hand signal to let him know he’d earned one.  But he was increasingly nipping hands for attention, and we worried that finding a home for a dog with so many challenges was going to be impossible unless we could fix this problem.  Ruth worked with the foster mom on ways to refocus T-Bone away from her hands and prevent the nipping.  With his improved behavior, he found the most wonderful home! ” Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue – Seattle


“Hi Peggy. Just wanted to drop you a line. I don’t know if you remember us, you helped us with Everest. Just wanted to say thank you again for your help and time! We got another dog, and I use ALL advice you gave me for Everest every single day with a lot of success! We got an 8-week old Siberian husky puppy girl! I trained her with your methods from day one! Her name is Sky! She is now a 6month old puppy that is very happy, playful, non-destructive, secure and non-aggressive in any aspect. I literally never heard her growl once. I love her so much! We hand feed her, exercise her twice a day (brief walks for now), she has two pools in the yard, and does not care about chickens! 🙂 I hope if I continue conditioning her for success, she will blossom into a excellent dog! There are no bad dogs, there are uneducated dog owners!!! I am so happy I met you, got educated and did not use any alpha dominance correction methods! We train her by encouraging what we want and discouraging what we don’t want! Works wonders! I even used this method on pulling the leash, and cutting nails!:) Thank you so much! With great respect” M.M. – Arlington


“Hi Ruth, Thank you for coming by yesterday to train with Boone and me.  You had a lot of great information to share and I appreciated the extra time you took to explain the rationale behind behaviors and options for addressing them.  I had a great working session … yesterday and would like to arrange for follow-up appointments with your package program.” – K.P. – Seattle


“(Eric) you are such an awesome trainer and have been so great in helping us with Max!” – K.K. – Woodinville


Virtual/Remote Consultations (Zoom)


“I worked with Suzi Moore of Companion Animal Solutions and she helped us so much with our Ethiopian rescue dog, Molly. I contacted her from overseas so we worked on Molly’s behavior via email and skype. Suzi responded to our questions and concerns with detailed, specific recommendations. It was clear she had paid careful attention to our needs and her instructions were tailored for Molly’s specific issues. She sent along many online resources for us to read and view which provided detailed explanations and background information for various techniques we’d be using. Suzi is extremely knowledgable about animal behavior, very compassionate, and lovely to interact with. Molly’s behavior improved significantly, and we’re more confident than ever she’ll be able to return home to the US with us when the time comes. I give Suzi Moore and Companion Animal Solutions my highest recommendation.” L.H. – out of area


“I could not be more impressed or happy about Suzi’s help with my cat’s peeing problems. With Suzi’s professional help my cat went from peeing in an inappropriate place to using her litter box quickly by following simple steps that anyone can do. Suzi provided a lot of literature about cat behavior and why my cat was behaving like she was. She also shared with me some enrichment ideas to keep my cat from getting bored, and improving my cats social life. Suzi is very knowledgeable about cat behavior and was there for me and my cat every step of the way. Because of covid our meetings were online, but it didn’t make a difference in Suzi’s amazing help. On top of it all, her fees are very reasonable. I highly recommend her. On a scale of 1-10 I give Suzi a 10+.” S.H. – Seattle




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