Eric Sueltenfuss, CCS (Certificate in Canine Studies) is a graduate of the Northwest School of Canine Studies.   A former airframe and powerplant mechanic, Eric transitioned into the animal behavior arena working cat rescue, and managing a dog daycare and training facility, as well as a holistic pet supply store. Following his academic training in animal behavior, Eric built on this foundation working with clients on individual training plans, rehabilitating dogs in the behavior department of a large rescue, and managing dog-dog interactions and training at a daycare, training and boarding facility.

Eric is passionate about customizing force-free training and behavior plans for the success of both the human and animal clients. He has a deep understanding of dog body language and working with fearful and anxious pets. With a young son and multiple pet household, Eric is particularly in tune with the needs of families with small children.

Eric offers in-person training and behavior consultations in Seattle, south Snohomish and north King counties.

In February I signed up with Companion Animal Solutions.I have a soon to be five year old male lab who was reacting on the leash. Eric came out to our first meeting.  It was such an informational meeting.  He had a folder with several methods of approaches to animal behavior most of which I had never heard about.  He explained all the methods very carefully while observing Max (who was busy with a dog chew Eric had given him). Our session lasted over 3 hours. We did a outdoor exercise session to include a fetching session and the use of a flirt pole which I found very interesting.  Eric carefully explained the value of enriching your dog’s environment and  of exercise daily to include 30 minutes of running till he was panting. Also the value of a 20 minute chew session.  For the next 3 months I worked and am working on all the various techniques.  I am learning that it is very important that Max totally gets the skill we are working on and to take time with each skill.  My overall feeling with the program is that it is excellent.  I love how there is such an importance placed on the bonding and the enriching of the dogs environment.  I think Max is doing better.  The daily exercise has helped him calm down.  The suggested reading were invaluable. There is a lot to the program to digest but I know it is going to be worth the effort. Give it a try.  You won’t regret it.

J.L. - Arlington

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