Kids and Dogs Consultations

Are you expecting a baby and wondering how you’ll manage your dog and your new arrival? Or now your baby is a toddler and everything has changed. Maybe you have small children and are wondering how to integrate a new dog into your family safely.


Our Kids and Dogs consultations can help!

Kids and Dogs

Preparing you and your dog for baby’s arrival!

As in all of our private consultation services, we come to your home in-person or virtually so we can help you with whatever challenges you’re facing in your ever changing household. We’re here to address your unique concerns and issues. In our Kids and Dogs consultations, we’ll address:


Management: Busy parents need management solutions that don’t take up precious time, but keep everyone safe. We’ll show you how to set up a management area for your dog that doesn’t necessarily mean a crate or kennel but will give everyone space for quiet, safe time.


Behavior Modification: Does your dog engage in behaviors that make you anxious? Are you unsure how to help your dog see the baby as part of the family? Resolve those behaviors by helping your dog feel better around things that startle or scare your dog.


Training: Teaching your dog to stay where you put them, come when you call, not jump on people and walk on a loose leash take on new meaning when small children are involved. What was a minor issue walking your dog can move to a whole different level when a new baby and stroller are involved. Whether your dog is your “fur kid” and you’re having a baby, or you’re adopting a new dog into a home with small children, training is key to a peaceful life together!


Don’t wait. Let us help you prepare for baby or new dog’s arrival. Already have a toddler and worry about how your dog is behaving now that your child is crawling and toddling? We specialize in helping owners keep their pets and children safe with our Kids and Dogs consultations.


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