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Micaela Young, DVM, CPDT-KA

Micaela Young, DVM, CPDT-KA is a veterinarian and animal trainer passionate about building connections between medical and behavior professionals to improve the wellbeing of our pets.

Micaela holds the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis. Her special interest in behavior lead her to complete multiple rotations and externships with veterinary behaviorists in Northern California. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal and Nutritional Sciences from West Virginia University.

Micaela’s previous experiences include a hands-on service dog learning course in West Virginia, where she was able to train mobility assistance tasks for people with physical disabilities. She also completed an internship at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, contributing to the extensive training of high-drive search-and-rescue dogs.

Micaela’s earliest memories with pets are of teaching them various ‘tricks’ in exchange for treats. She has learned from multiple trainers who have abandoned punishment- based methods and taught her the benefits of reward-based training. Micaela believes in empowering clients and their pets to learn how choice and control can improve the human-animal bond.

Micaela sought to build a solid foundation in technical training skills so that she can incorporate them into the veterinary setting to help pets learn to calmly accept veterinary handling. Being heavily inspired by the late Dr. Sophia Yin, Micaela was honored to build Happy Lead Dog Training in Dr. Yin’s community of Davis, CA before moving to the Seattle area. Micaela now operates a small house call practice in the greater Seattle area to serve pets who do not do well in a clinic setting. She is an Elite Fear Free Certified Veterinarian.

Micaela is thankful for the multiple dogs in her life who have taught her firsthand about living with pets with problematic behaviors including severe separation anxiety, unpredictable aggression, light- and shadow-chasing, under-socialization, and more. She approaches each case with an appreciation for how our relationships with our pets can affect many aspects of our lives. Her life is currently run by two young mixed-breed dogs, Eko and Curie, who are enjoying exploring all that Washington has to offer.

Dr. MicaelaYoung provides Full DVM Behavior Consultations to clients referred by their veterinarian and Behavioral Medication Consultations to clients already working a behavior modification program and referred by a qualified behavior consultant. Additionally, she offers behavior modification and training for her patients in the greater Seattle area.

A dog training client of mine and i worked with Dr. Micaela Young to help with a meds evaluation and behavior modification plan for ‘stranger danger’ feelings in the dog. We were all quite impressed with her warm thoughtful approach and feel like we are in very capable hands. Dr. Young uses all positive, science based training principles, which in my opinion are a must with any dog, and especially with a dog who is experiencing fearfulness and stress in situations where he- through no fault of his own, having missed out on critical early socialization opportunities- is worried about. We are all looking forward to helping this little rescue guy be the best he can be.

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