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Micaela Young, DVM, CPDT-KA

Micaela Young, DVM, CPDT-KA is a veterinarian and animal trainer passionate about building connections between medical and behavior professionals to improve the wellbeing of our pets.

Micaela holds the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis. Her special interest in behavior lead her to complete multiple rotations and externships with veterinary behaviorists in Northern California. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal and Nutritional Sciences from West Virginia University.

Micaela’s previous experiences include a hands-on service dog learning course in West Virginia, where she was able to train mobility assistance tasks for people with physical disabilities. She also completed an internship at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, contributing to the extensive training of high-drive search-and-rescue dogs.

Dr. Young is now providing services to our clients through her own business, Happy Lead Home Veterinary Care and Training.  This allows her to better integrate veterinary care with her behavior and training services for the most comprehensive service and best outcomes. Dr. Young has services to fit your needs. Whether your pet has complex medical needs affecting behavior, behavior that prevents needed veterinary care, you need to get started with a behavior modification and training plan, or need to add behavioral medication in support of an established plan. Dr. Young can coordinate with your qualified trainer and vet to ensure the best care for your pet. Link to Dr. Young’s services , and pricing and package options.

A dog training client of mine and i worked with Dr. Micaela Young to help with a meds evaluation and behavior modification plan for ‘stranger danger’ feelings in the dog. We were all quite impressed with her warm thoughtful approach and feel like we are in very capable hands. Dr. Young uses all positive, science based training principles, which in my opinion are a must with any dog, and especially with a dog who is experiencing fearfulness and stress in situations where he- through no fault of his own, having missed out on critical early socialization opportunities- is worried about. We are all looking forward to helping this little rescue guy be the best he can be.

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