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Training and Coaching

We are not your average trainers!  Our Certified Professional Dog Trainers have up to 30 years experience helping owners with their dogs. 

We can get more results in one hour of in-home or virtual private training than you would get from several hours of an average training class.

Our certified and professional dog trainers can teach you how to train your dog and show you how to maintain the new behaviors!


Puppy being trained at home

Professionals can train your dog faster & better!

Does your dog need help with manners and training?

  • We explain and demonstrate the right methods to get the results you want
  • We coach you in how to train your dog a few minutes a day
  • You receive the support you need to get your dog trained
  • You’ll learn how dogs learn so that you’ll be able to figure out how to train your dog to do anything without our help in the future


Contact Us to discuss how we can best help you have the well behaved dog you’ve always dreamed of!


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