Services for Animal Rescue Organizations

Does your rescue have pets who aren’t being adopted due to behavior issues?

We are pet behavior problem experts, dedicated to helping rescues! We can help make rescue pets more adoptable, saving time and resources so you can rescue more animals in need!

We support 501c3 (tax exempt) rescues by offering deeply discounted services for pets in foster homes or shelters, when service fees are paid directly by the rescue.

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We can help make pets more adoptable!

What do we do for you?

  • Help your staff and volunteers understand the “why” of common pet behavior issues, and when to enlist the help of a trainer
  • Teach simple but effective methods to make your rescue’s pets more adoptable
  • We serve the greater Seattle – Tacoma area, and beyond!


Solving behavior issues frees space in shelters and foster homes!

Fixing behavior frees space in shelters and foster homes!

We have a proven track record of success solving pet behavior problems. We can help with:

  • House training and litter box issues
  • Excessive barking
  • On-leash reactivity (barking, growling, lunging)
  • Aggression when handled
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear

What’s the first step?  Contact us or call 206-953-0703 to discuss your rescue’s needs and how we can help.

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