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Live On-Line Video Services Pricing

IMPORTANT: By order of Governor Inslee, Companion Animal Solutions will provide only live on-line video services due to the COVID 19 emergency until the emergency order is lifted. Many of our in-home services can be offered via live on-ine video consultation so you can move ahead with progress on difficult behavior issues. We are here to help with your dog, cat, bird, and exotic pet behavior during this unprecedented global situation.

Behavior Consultation and Training

We work with all types of behavior issues in dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets, from basic training to advanced problems rooted in anxiety, fear, and aggression. In order to provide the best outcome, we first determine if the problem is:

  1. a “behavior” issue – your pet is anxious, fearful or upset – this needs a Behavior Consultation; or
  2. a “training” issue – your pet needs to better understand what you would like them to do – this needs a Training visit

Our Behavior Consultations are designed to help you understand your pet’s behavior and how to implement the specific methods you will be using to change it. Fear, anxiety, or aggression-based behaviors are often most effectively treated by the owners during their normal interactions with their pets. Having additional visits from a trainer can be very helpful in implementing the plan. Many of our clients carry out the training themselves with our support by phone or email, while others like more coaching with additional on-line follow-up sessions following the consultation. We can structure the service to meet your needs. We have a veterinarian highly experienced with behavior and behavioral medication on our team to help achieve the best possible outcome if behavioral medication is indicated. 

Certified Trainer Behavior Consultations

  • Our Elite Consultation includes a live on-line video consultation in one or more sessions for a total of up to two hours.  This time will be used to assess the issues and make recommendations for environmental management and enrichment, behavior modification and training.  Three hours of live on-line follow-up is provided afterwards. The service includes emailed handouts, a detailed written behavior modification plan specific to your pet and your situation, the ability to send video of your pet’s behavior and/or your training sessions for our input, and the ability for our vet who is highly qualified in behavioral medication to consult with your vet if behavioral medication is indicated. You receive 3 months of free email and phone support to help guide you through the process of behavior modification and adjust the plan, as needed. If after working with our consultant during the 3 month follow-up period you feel you need additional time with support, that can be extended to six months at no additional charge. The Elite Consultation is $650.
  • Our Full Consultation includes the same services as the Elite, but without the three hours of live follow-up.  Live on-line follow-up is available separately.  The Full Consultation is $375.
  • Our Standard Consultation includes the same live on-line consultation and handouts as in the Full, and 3 months of free email and phone support to help guide you through the process of behavior modification and adjust the plan, as needed. You also receive an email summarizing the plan. It does not include the detailed written summary, review of your video, or veterinarian consultation included in the Full. The Standard Consultation is $275.
  • Additional Follow-Up Sessions with a trainer are available after any level of Behavior Consultation. We charge $100 per hour for individual on-line sessions. A pre-paid package of three hours is also available for $275.


Visit our blog behind the behavior

visit our blog behind the behavior


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Veterinary Behavioral Medication Support

Our Full and Elite consultations include the ability of our veterinarian to speak directly with  your veterinarian regarding the use of behavioral medications in support of the behavior modification and training you will be doing with your pet.

Training and Coaching Services

For pets who don’t require a behavior consultation, we start with an Initial Hour of training or other specialty service:

For puppies under 5 months of age, we recommend a Puppy Head Start. This approximately 90 minute service covers basic puppy behavioral needs and training. It includes 3 months of free email and phone support for questions that arise as your puppy matures. The Puppy Head Start is $175.

  • For dogs over 5 months old, cats, birds and exotic house pets, we start with an Initial Hour of training. This first session includes development of a training plan, and is $125.
  • Follow-up Training and Coaching sessions are $100 an hour, or three hours for $275.
  • Additional time can be added to Training and Coaching visits prorated at $100 per hour in 15 minute increments.

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