Bird Behavior Consultation

Bird Behavior

Our experts know bird behavior.

Are you concerned about or overwhelmed by your pet bird’s behavior?  Do you see all the dog trainers advertising, but don’t know how to find a qualified professional to help with your bird?

We have bird behavior experts, too!

Is your bird:

  • Aggressive?
  • Anxious or fearful?
  • Feather plucking?
  • Screeching?
  • Unable to accept or be accepted by a new bird in the home?

Specialized training and expertise is needed when dealing with bird behavior.  Our bird behavior experts are here to help you! Whether your bird is: aggressive to you or another animal in the home; displays their stress by screeching; cries or wakes you during the night; or destroys household items – we have the skills needed to help you and your bird!

In-Person Services and Pricing

Virtual Services and Pricing

What do we provide?

  • Customized, individual virtual services, to see your bird’s behavior where it’s happening virtually or in-person (in service area)
  • Expertise to quickly identify what is driving your bird’s behavior
  • Clear recommendations on how to improve your bird’s behavior
  • Set you and your bird up for success with management and environmental changes
  • Change how your bird feels about upsetting, scary or overwhelming situations
  • Train your bird what to do instead of the unwanted behavior
  • Follow-up support and services to help you succeed

Can you work with aggression and biting?

Yes. Aggressive behavior can be a result of fear or territorial issues. We’ll create a plan to keep everyone safe while improving the behavior through a variety of specific recommendations. And we’ll teach you how to train what you’d like your cat to do instead.  Biting when handled; aggression toward people or other pets – these are common problems we have experience and success with.

How can you help my fearful and anxious bird?

We use well researched and proven methods that help your bird learn to relax and feel better about the things and situations that are frightening them. We’ll train you in a scientific process called counter-conditioning so you can slowly change the association your cat has with scary things. And we’ll show you training exercises to help teach your cat go-to behaviors to use when things get scary so they feel more confident. Stranger danger, fear of other animals, noise phobia, generalized fear and anxiety – we have the expertise to help.

What type of training methods do you use?

Research in animal behavior science shows that the best results and most humane techniques involve positive reinforcement, without physical punishment or intimidation. We adhere to the principle of using the least invasive, minimally aversive (LIMA) methods required while avoiding physical punishment. Think about it. How do you like to learn – with clear expectations and encouragement, or punishment when you don’t understand and make a mistake? Feeling safe and having a good connection with the people closest to you is key. That’s why we focus on helping cats feel safe and by rewarding behavior you like. See our training philosophy and values.

Don’t you need to be physically present to see our home and work with my bird? Why would I choose a virtual consultation?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic when we all discovered the value of virtual meetings, it was clear that going into a bird’s home was often disruptive for the bird. Also, bird’s may not travel well, so going to a facility for services was useless for many birds.  Bird behavior experts are scarce, so virtual services have become the standard for bird behavior. The birds are happier without the disruption, and humans learn just as well virtually from a skilled trainer. And because in-person services add a travel fee, virtual appointments are more cost effective.

What services are available for bird behavior issues based in fear, anxiety or aggression?

We know that one size does not fit all, and offer three levels of Behavior Consultation. We can help you decide which level of service fits your needs and your budget. Email support is built into each level of service. Optional follow-up appointments are also available individually or in packages.

In-Person Services and Pricing

Virtual Services and Pricing

  • Human directed aggression
  • Bird directed aggression
  • Screaming/ excessive vocalization
  • Feather plucking
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Household destruction

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