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Behavior Consultation and Dog Training Services

We work with all types of behavior issues in dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets, from basic training to advanced problems rooted in anxiety, fear, and aggression.

To provide the best outcome, we first determine if the problem is:

a “behavior” issue – your pet is anxious, fearful, or upset – this needs a Behavior Consultation
a “training” issue – your pet just needs to better understand what you would like them to do – this needs a Training service

In-home services are offered in certain geographic areas in and around Seattle. A travel fee of $50 will be added to each in-person visit, unless otherwise noted. Many of our services can also be offered entirely via live on-line video consultation so you can move ahead with progress on difficult behavior issues when in-person work is not available.

Table of In-Home Behavior and Training Service Options. Text description at

Fear, anxiety, or aggression-based behaviors are often most effectively treated by the owners during their normal interactions with their pets. Our Behavior Consultations are designed to:

  1. Help you understand your pet’s behavior and how to change it
  2. Assess your pet and answer any questions you have
  3. Develop an action plan for you to implement that will address management. training, and behavior modification
  4. Provide free follow-up email support to help as you work with your pet

If you’re comfortable with a more DIY approach, you may not need any additional services. Follow-up appointments are available if and when you’d like more in-depth coaching or trouble-shooting. We can structure the service to meet your needs. Our veterinarian, highly experienced with behavior and behavioral medication, can work with your vet to help achieve the best possible outcome if behavioral medication is indicated.

Veterinary Behavioral and Medication Support

Louisa Beal, DVM provides the opportunity for behavioral medication consultation directly to the veterinarians of clients choosing the Full or Comprehensive Behavior Consultation, as a part of that service.

Micaela Young, DMV, CPDT-KA provides services to our clients through her own business, Happy Lead Home Veterinary Care and Training  Dr. Young is able to integrate veterinary care with behavior and training services for the most comprehensive service and best outcomes by only seeing behavior clients who are already working with a qualified behavior consultant or trainer. Whether your pet has pain or complex medical needs affecting behavior, behavior that prevents needed veterinary care, or you need to add behavioral medication in support of an established plan, Dr. Young can work directly with you, your pet, your qualified trainer and your veterinarian to provide behavioral medication and pain assessment and support. Link to Dr. Young’s website and  services

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