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We’re veterinarian recommended for animal behavior problems!

Are you interested in helping your clients with pet behavior problems but either don’t have the time or experience to provide these services?

Companion Animal Solutions can help!

You can confidently refer your patients to our team of Veterinary Professionals and Certified Professional Dog Trainers. Because we work together as a team, each client has the benefit of our collective knowledge and experience.

When you refer a patient to Companion Animal Solutions, you can rest assured that:

  • We speak to all new prospective clients on the phone before booking appointments and require a veterinary exam before our appointment, if indicated
  • When we see a new animal behavior case for a Full or Comprehensive Behavior Consultation, the client has the option of requesting a copy of the Behavior Modification Plan and recommendations be sent to you so that you will be aware of the work in which we’re engaged with your patient
  • We can coordinate closely with you regarding any health issues affecting the pet’s behavior
  • We will refer back to you for medication and follow up services
  • We provide the opportunity for you to request a vet-to-vet consultation with our veterinarian, Dr. Louisa Beal, on psychotherapeutic medications (when you client chooses a Full or Comprehensive Behavior Consultations.)


Companion Animal Solutions is where you are in the Pacific Northwest

Bringing you the best Dog training and Pet Behavior Experts help from Bellingham to Olympia including Seattle, Tacoma, Kirkland, Bellevue and Redmond.