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In-Home Services

Is your life being complicated by pet behavior problems that are annoying or even possibly dangerous?

We are pet behavior problem experts!

What do we do for you with in-home services?

  • Give you private, customized, instruction and consultation
  • Help you understand the “why” of your pet’s bad behavior
  • Teach highly effective methods to change your pet’s behavior
fearful dog

We’re successful in modifying difficult or dangerous behavior!

By observing and making changes in the environment where most of the problems happen, we get to the root of the problem for you.

During our pet Behavior Consultation in-home visit, we’ll see and assess your pet’s behavior in context. We will assess the behavior and its impact.  Then, we’ll create a comprehensive, customized behavior modification plan. We’ll teach you useful techniques for managing and training your pet to make change happen.   We can even work with your vet and provide follow-up coaching or day-training.

Our trained consultants use experience, education and keen observation to learn what is causing your pet’s unwanted behavior. We consider social, environmental and possible medical causes. Knowing the cause of the unwanted behavior allows us to build and implement a targeted behavior plan, which means your best bet for a successful outcome. Contact us today to learn how we can provide unique behavior modification and training services customized to your unique situation and schedule. We can schedule an in-home appointment with a consultant in any of our service areas. Help is on the way! Let the best In-Home Pet Behavior Consultants help you.

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